• In response to the current Covid 19 restrictions Cilsanws Golf Club is offering membership to anyone who wants to join for £250 for male members and £150 for ladies. The fee covers membership until the end of 2020. The club’s normal fees will then apply which means if you have not been a member for at least 5 years then the introductory rate for males of £250 and £150 for ladies will still be available from the 1st January 2021.

    Jonathan Davies Club Captain stated that ‘With a small friendly membership Cilsanws does not suffer from capacity issues like other courses. This is a fantastic offer which could mean for anyone who joins now and who has not been a member for a while having 19 months of golf for either £500 or £300 respectively’. For anyone who is interested in this offer please contact Club Secretary, Stephen Jackson by email secretary@mtgc.co.uk or telephone on 07552 796196.


    Hi Steve. Can I please take advantage of the membersip offer? That is, I owe £250 for full membership for the year to 31-12-2020, I'll pay £250 for the year ending 31-12-2021, then £500 for the year ending 31-12-2022. Thanks.


    Hi Alun, I'll pass this to the Secretary for consideration. Cheers Steve Peters