• Hole #1 | Cilsanws | 357 yds | Par 4 | SI 5

    This is not any easy starting hole with trouble left and right. However, a good straight tee shot will leave a short iron to a fairly flat straight forward green.

  • Featured Hole #2 | Road | 344 yds | Par 4 | SI 7

    An uphill dog leg to the right where very long hitters may want to cut the corner and get close to the green. Normally a straight dive up to the dog leg will leave a medium/short iron to a plateau  green which falls away to the right.

  • Hole #3 | Rocky Hollow | 144 yds | Par 3 | SI 15

    A semi blind par 3 where you cannot see the bottom of the pin. Only a poor shot will find any trouble but it is not an easy putting surface to find.     

  • Hole #4 | Bunkers | 429 yds | Par 4 | SI 1

    Hardest hole on the golf course where the second shot with a wood, long or medium iron needs to carry a series of mounds 20 yards in front of the green. Before attempting such a second shot you will need to hit a generously wide fairway first.

  • Featured Hole #5 | Pond | 321 yds | Par 4 | SI 13

    Long hitters will fancy their chances of driving or getting very close to the green under the right conditions. For most people though it is a nice drive with a wedge second shot to a green that slopes left to right.

  • Hole #6 | Marker Post | 352 yds | Par 4 | SI 3

    An uphill slight dogleg to the left where a good drive will reach the top of the hill and allow a full picture of the green for the second shot, which can be anything from a wood to a wedge depending on conditions. The green has severe slopes and can have some tricky pin positions.

  • Hole #7 | Longest | 511 yds | Par 5 | SI 9

    A downhill par 5 to a smallish green which will take some finding in two shots. There is trouble left and right of the fairway for both drives and second shots. Not an easy birdie hole.

  • Hole #8 | The Rise | 251 yds | Par 4 | SI 11

    An uphill short par 4 where accuracy is extremely important. Long hitters can take on the green under the right conditions but you can be severely penalised if you miss this fairway. A good drive will only require a little nudge second shot to an inviting green built into a bank.

  • Featured Hole #9 | The Beacons | 152 yds | Par 3 | SI 17

    All the trouble here is either to the right or through the back of the green. A well struck medium/short iron should find the middle of quite a wide green.

  • Hole #10 | Summit | 189 yds | Par 3 | SI 8

    This hole requires a well struck rescue wood/long iron for most golfers. The tee shot is all carry to a slightly built up two tier green. There is not a lot of trouble unless you hit a really wild tee shot.

  • Hole #11 | Long Valley | 483 yds | Par 5 | SI 10

    This is the club's signature hole. A picturesque  par 5 you can see all the way tee to green. There is trouble left and right from the elevated tee but a good straight drive will see the onger hitters with a good chance of making the green in two. All who play here will remember this hole.

  • Featured Hole #12 | Marshall's Rock | 308 yds | Par 4 | SI 16

    A downhill drive-able par 4 played from a very elevated tee. The reward for hitting a sloping putting surface should be a birdie. However there is huge trouble left and right if the drive goes wrong.

  • Hole #13 | Lake View | 354 yds | Par 4 | SI 14

    We continue downhill from a not so elevated tee where a good drive should find a generously wide fairway. It is all about the second short shot here where, during summer months, you will carefully have to pick out your landing spot near the green.

  • Hole #14 | John's Vision | 368 yds | Par 4 | SI 2

    Long hitters may need to watch the watercourse that crosses the fairway some 100 yards in front of the green. A good drive will leave a medium/short iron to a slightly raised green.

  • Featured Hole #15 | Dog Leg | 348 yds | Par 4 | SI 6

    A testing uphill dog leg to the right with a concealed putting surface. Most of the trouble from the drive is on the right but the difficulty of this hole is getting club selection right on the second shot. Most golfers end up short of the green.

  • Hole #16 | Two Tiers | 207 yds | Par 3 | SI 12

    A downhill par 3 to a large two tier green. Not a lot of trouble around the green and the difficulty here is choosing the right club that keeps the ball on the correct tier of the green.

  • Hole #17 | Dan-y-Darren | 418 yds | Par 4 | SI 4

    A good drive will see you far enough down the fairway to see the green for the second shot. The second shot is downhill to a fairly narrow open green that slopes downhill encouraging balls to roll to the back of the putting surface.

  • Featured Hole #18 | Ash Grove | 146 yds | Par 3 | SI 18

    A fairly gentle straightforward hole to finish which will offer birdie chances to those that hit the green. However, a reasonable tee shot anywhere other than to the right hand side should see most golfers take no more than 4 strokes.